Michael LaPointe

is a writer and critic in Toronto, Canada. He is a regular contributor to the Times Literary Supplement. He has written for The Atlantic, The New Yorker, The Paris Review, Hazlitt, The Walrus, and the Los Angeles Review of Books. His short fiction has appeared in Litro, Vol. 1 Brooklyn, Prism International, Event, Highway, and Joyland. He has been nominated for a National Magazine Award.

He can be reached by email or followed on Twitter.

Photo by Mandy-Lyn Antoniou

Selected Writing

All selections available free and online.

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A Novel of the AIDS Pandemic That Shouldn't Be Forgotten
(The New Yorker, ESSAY)


A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Convict
(The Atlantic, ESSAY)

Age of Anger
(The Globe and Mail, REVIEW)


My Wife's Novel
(Litro, FICTION)

The Pleasures of Incomprehensibility
(The Paris Review, ESSAY)

Send in the Swans
(Hazlitt, ESSAY)

Who Is the Me?
(Los Angeles Review of Books, ESSAY)

Chernobyl's Literary Legacy
(The Atlantic, ESSAY)

One-Trick Tiger
(The Walrus, ESSAY)

The Armageddon of New China
(Los Angeles Review of Books, ESSAY)


Vladimir Sorokin and the Russian Novel's Identity Crisis
(The Atlantic, ESSAY)

In Search of the Thing-itself
(Tikkun, ESSAY)

Impartial Record of the Break-up
(Vol. 1 Brooklyn, FICTION)

Paranoia, the Realistic Response
(Los Angeles Review of Books, ESSAY)

Poses, with Painting
(Highway, FICTION)

Choose Your Own Ending
(The Walrus, ESSAY)


In Our Nature
(The Walrus, ESSAY)

The Book Gets Fatter
(Los Angeles Review of Books, ESSAY)

Autopsy of an Inscription, 2/9/88
(Dot Com, ESSAY)


Second Acts
(Los Angeles Review of Books, ESSAY)

Death Becomes Her
(Los Angeles Review of Books, ESSAY)

King of the Granola Heads
(Times Literary Supplement, ESSAY)

What's Happened to CanLit?
(The Literary Review of Canada, ESSAY)

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